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As I had begun to read further the people complained and it upset God to the point God became Angry. That’s why I know it’s not a sin to become Angry. The Sin comes when we carry out the Wrath of our Angry. So many times we as Gods people cry out to Leadership and/or others in hopes of getting over at some point. Leadership then Gods to God on our behalf and we still don’t make a change in our minds, behaviors.
In reading how ungrateful the people were they became verbally abusive telling leadership how it was when they were under the taskmaster. We as Gods people sometimes make life seem like it was better with the devil. In Numbers the people told Moses that they enjoyed eating fish, cucumbers, melons, leeks, and the onions, and the garlic. They would rather have rest and not the best of Gods Manna from Heaven. Now when I studied the Manna from Heaven was life Wafers with honey. That sounds much tastier than cucumbers, leeks, onion etc…
All complaining does to Leadership and especially the Lord is bring about displeasure. It truly take a Meek man of God to deal with Church Folk. Moses was the best choice God could have made. For this time in my Life Pastor James Ray is the best choice God could have made for Royal Family of God COGIC. My Pastor has been with the Lord for 30+ years and the wisdom he has is from God.
The Love and the Patience he has for people. The Faith he displays each service. My First Lady always says we don’t have no sad luck stories when it’s Testimony service time. It’s something to have people in Leadership you can glean from.
My desire is to never be a person who consistently complaints even when you see God doing and working on our behalf. I don’t want God to be upset with me at all.

#No Un-gratefulness

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