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June 21. 2018

Verses 1-10

Wisdom here is referenced as a lady who is preparing to have a special dinner. Lady wisdom wants only those who have sense or experience. Lady wisdom prepares the best meal. Lady wisdom is saying leave all the inexperience behind go after knowledge and understanding. Corrections will bring insults and rebuking will result in abuse so don’t waste precious time on those who don’t want the help. Help those who are seeking after a better way your receive Love from them. Wisdom says teach those who want to know more and they will learn more. Wisdom says we must fear God and then we will gain the right foundation.

Verses 11-18

Wisdom will bring multiplication not depletion your life will be fruitful enriched you will not die early. Having and applying wisdom will be a benefit not receiving wisdom you will suffer. Don’t be a foolish silly gullible woman wisdom is not apart of your DNA. As a silly woman without wisdom you sit in the best place to view the world desiring people who have no clue of life to come visit you as they pass you by. Lady wisdom has no good intention for mankind. Whatever Lady wisdom is trying to offer wasn’t even hers in the first place yet she wants to capture you and make you foolish and miserable hell will be your portion.

–Mother L. Sanders–

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