Suicide Not the Answer

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In reading articles about loved ones committing suicide because they are not accepted as Transgender, Homosexuals, Lesbian should never be a reason that life isn’t worth living.  The fact that the bible speaks of these lifestyle  chooses as being an abomination is enough to make me love them to life. If I had a child who was out of the Will of God I would not want them to feel that suicide is the answer. I would for my child to be alive living out of the will why because there is always a chance for God to intervene. Once death ccomes there is no more chances. We as parents must recognize that all the devil want is to kill them take there souls to Hell. We as parents are worried about our status and what folks think. Folks don’t  matter when your battling the devil for your child’s soul. If they commit suicide the battle is over. There is no other chance to tell them I Love you. Hug them and/or to take out time to show them you Love them. Get over the embarrassing feelings it’s Spiritual Warfare indeed. I am praying for families that God would touch them and help them realize that the enemy is out to keep as many souls from Heaven as possible the devil has been to Heaven he already knows exactly what Heaven is like and he doesn’t want anyone to go. My hearts aches!

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