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Wow this walk of Life has many different feelings.  To know that people are overly sensitive in Ministry.  To know that people aren’t as true as they say.  To know that people are looking & hoping with great expectation for others to fall.

Wow I’m finding that people are not as Spiritual as they act.  I find that people are not as Genuine as they appear.  I don’t want a soul to lose out on Salvation.  I don’t want to be Hindrance to no one.

God always sends a word of warning for his people and Immediately the devil steps in and people are clueless.  No person sinning in the sight of God is saved period and that’s a fact.  I don’t care how kind and generous you may be if you’re sinning God does not honor anything you’re doing.

That all goes for me and everyone else in the church if we are not living Holy we are Hell-bound.  Now why that seems so unbelievable  I don’t know when people have been in the church hearing the word of God week in and week out.

I’m learning that I’m unable to help everyone and in some of this I will be hurt as well down the road and lot of this I can’t take personal because it’s goes with Ministry and the calling I have on my Life.

My Anointing I have to protect at all cost.  Folks talking on high and living out in left field.  This doesn’t work we must be True to yourself and to God.


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