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Thanksgiving Thoughts

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Today is a day of Thanksgiving mankind celebrates.  I’m concerned that mankind don’t know how to celebrate or why they should be celebrating.  It’s bad enough folks celebrate one time a year.  You have your family friends Loved ones daily why not put a family dinner together on a regular basis.  Why not give God thanks daily.  Why do many people believe that God is satisfied with families company together one time a year.  God is not pleased when you can regularly show each other love and respect and forgiveness.

God is not a God of man made tradition.  God wants consistency in mankind’s daily lives.  God wants families to forgive.  God wants families to show love.  God wants families to realize that he is the reason for every celebration.  God doesn’t want families to get wasted fallen down drunk.  Can’t remember anything vomiting all over the place. That’s not how God wants his children to celebrate Thanksgiving.

God wants families to gather together reading the word praying and speaking of how thankful they are daily.  What has God done for you that you will be able to share with your loved ones?

I’m so thankful I can make God proud of me by living and striving for perfection.  God has been amazing in my life.  Through the trials and tests I’ve faced and yet facing.  I know that God is with me and I’m his child.  I do the things which please God.  I don’t want God to be disappointed in me.

Drinking smoking lying cheating being phony having unforgiveness in my heart.  Yet alive but have not gain forgiveness from God walking around like I am untouchable it’s dangerous many souls are doing that on this day. Many souls have no intentions of changing.  This Thanksgiving could be a new beginning for many souls.  Asking God into ones heart and asking for forgiveness asking for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is essential.

A chance to be heaven bound and not hell bound wow.  Who in there right mind would pass up that chance and opportunity.  One must believe this is true and that they will spend eternity in one of these places.

I pray that families today would honor my savior by asking each other for forgiveness if needed.  Letting each other know that they loved one another. Letting God know how thankful they are.  I’m praying that this Thanksgiving everyone would stay sober and alert.  Being example for the children teaching the children what God requires of them.  Telling family friends and loved ones that God loves them with an everlasting love.

Who is reading this posts God Loves you and God died for you.  God is soon to return for his church.  Make sure you are apart of the body of Christ.  The remnant church.  Make sure that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You may be called any day and you will not be able to not answer the call.  It’s once appointed to man to die then Judgement.  Repent and believe and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior this day.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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