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Hello world it’s funny how that in Life we go through things and at times Life feels overwhelming.  It’s because we get in a place where God is not.

The Peace of God has been truly resting within me these last 6 months.  I’m experiencing an increase of Faith.  I’m challenging myself on a daily basis to continue to Live every word I Admonition others to do.  Guess what it’s not hard at all.

Living for God brings a Great Peace.  I have a Sister in Christ which represents the Peace of God.  When I take a look at an individual who represents the Peace of God I think of Asp. Missn’y Naomi Clay-Ray.

I amaze myself when I reach heights and depths in God.  Success hasn’t come easy for me.  I now wear the Peace of God & Faith in a Boastful way unto the Lord.


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