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Father I lift up this nation God we are so selfish and self righteous we don’t want to listen and obey the truth of the gospel many don’t believe because they aren’t getting there way Lord deal with this nation even the more whatever it takes to get the gospel out and for souls to recognize your all knowing and all seeing and in control do it Father Lord your in the midst of our world seeing the destruction and many are blaming the devil and it’s your hand of anger and your wrath because this world has deliberately rejected the greatest gift in the earth to mankind and that’s your precious son Jesus Father I Love you and I need you and I want to see the souls save living holy fulfilling the will for there lives I want to be a blessing and bless others Father I desire to see the Kingdom fulfill the great commission we need to be about deliverance and healing and sign and wonders and miracles Lord create in me a clean heart and renew an upright spirit within me make me the surrender honorable vessel that you can get the glory out of Lord you see the white house and the government in going to hell in a hand basket God expose the truth of it all Lord uncovered every evil and wicked intent in the white house and the government Lord you see the foreign countries and leadership expose and declare over these areas that if trouble arise it will be from the USA God don’t allow the devil to run over America don’t allow satan tactics and tricks to fool us place your prophets and prophetess on high alert God deal with the wickedness of main in the realms of the spirit many believe they can deal with these problems in the physical but it’s spiritual warfare God I believe your report and I know you have the back of the believers let us be real and transparent in our lives let us stay on the wall let us be between the altar and the porch touch and strengthen every pastor God remove those who are bent on being a stumbling block I’ve had enough of the wickedness and the deceiving hearts and minds many laying up on there beds plotting against the ministry God reveal the lies and uncover the truth heal and deliver our Pastors make ways and open divine doors I place a blood seal over church doors no thieves will come to the church no evil hearts will scout out the ministry to infiltrate the Leadership God send divine sent helpers to uphold the arms of leadership help the spouse to be in effective mode not jealous mode God let ministry become real to the leaders save souls deliver and make free by fire and by force in Jesus name Amen


p.s. Get 2 church

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