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I was not prepared to choose a President because I had listened to personal views about this up coming election.  I decided to go back and listen to Our President previous speeches.  I was under the assumption President Obama was for Homosexuals.  Well that’s not what he said.  The People has taken what he’s said and turned him into being a Gay Rights Activist & it’s going to work for his Re-election.

Now I do know he signed the bill for Don’t ask Don’t Tell so that people will not be hiding who they feel they are in the Military.  Ok!

When I listen to President Obama he’s for not Discriminating against a Human being regardless of their Life Style Choices, Race, Ethic Background, Financial Status etc….

No where did he say I’m for Homosexuality and Gay Rights.  He’s for everyone being Treated Fairly and Humanly.  Now I’ve interpreted that for myself.  As Human Beings I do not think that people should be Mistreated.  Denied the right to be Human Beings.  Homosexuality is Wrong according to Gods word.  That’s something God will deal with in the End.

Now President Obama has taken a stand for Pro-choice which I’m not for I’m Pro-Life I don’t think women have a right to use Abortions as Birth control at No time.  But as Human beings again and me being a Woman I do Agree with Women deciding what to do with their physical body.  But down the road one can’t complain one has to live with the decisions they make.  Again it’s between a Woman & God.

Abortion is Murder and it’s wrong according to Gods Holy Bible.

I’ve made my decision after hearing the Wonderful Message our First Lady of U.S.A. made last night.  I’m Re-Electing President Obama!


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