Wasting Money!

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I had a chance to do some reading today.  I read where a Billionaire is building the Titanic II now why would one want to do this it’s senseless to me.  For some reason those who have money have nothing better to do or to even consider doing with their money.

People don’t believe Gods for who he said he is and nothing anyone builds with the “Intention” of out doing another man or God will succeed.

We have Haiti who needs so much help just from Katrina and now they are impacted with Tropical Storm Issac and those who have the ability to Impact the world are wasting money.

How about the homeless and addicts in America.  How about the civilians who need help with bills.  Our Military who fight for our country and not receiving the pay nor benefits they deserve.   How about saving a family from losing their home.  Help someone get a Job, vehicle, food.


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