What a week so far!

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What a week I was having Palpitation and I went to get fitted for a Holter Monitor for 2 days.  Lord I was wondering God what is going on shortness of breathe and racing heart beat.  I couldn’t understand just had to pray and believe God.  I went thru that ordeal with week.  I got prayer and I’ve not had any symptoms since.  (Healed) To God be the Glory.

I am so excited about working for God it’s a privilege to be an Altar worker with the Shackle Busters conference.  Dr. Patricia Lott has been a blessing to me.  A no-nonsense anointed woman of God.  God told me he was going to align me with Women of Prayer and Authority.  He’s doing it and I’m mighty glad.  God is Good all the time and all the time God is good.

Kingdom work is what it’s all about.

~Advancing the Kingdom thru service~

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