Evening Prayer 8 10 2018

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Father I thank you for another Friday Lord you have seen me through again your so faithful increase my faith and help my unbelief Lord don’t let me fool myself don’t allow me to sit in the church and go to hell from the pews so many souls sit in the church dying God I know where refuge is and I want others to have refuge to hear your word in power and demonstration to hear your word in truth Father my family is dying and headed to hell drinking smoking drugs alcoholics deceived liars tricksters manipulators fornicators adulterers whoremongers whores unequally yoked living all kinds of lives that go against God Father deal with my family I’m not perfect but I’m doing everything to live as close to a perfect life as I can and I refuse to sit back and allow satan to make my life miserable from the pews Lord I don’t care about titles I just want to be anointed I just wanted your power your authority I want miracles signs and wonders to follow me I want to be an obedient child when you speak I answer when you speak I follow every direction every I dotted and every T crossed father have mercy on souls in the earth and in my family destroy the works of satan by fire by force grant us all sweet sleep in Jesus name Amen

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