Evening Prayer 8 11 2018

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Dear heavenly father I thank you for the gift of life Lord should I be allowed to see Sunday I’ll be 50 years young.  I’m thankful for this dinner my husband fixed me for my birthday. My Lord it is delicious Father I ask for your help because my heart hurts for my husband you have gifted him and you’ve delivered him before and I know that you can do it again God you know that I’m no longer invested in this marriage and I’m on my way out Lord only you can save it and only my husband can fix things make changes but I’m not a savior I’m not going to suffer any longer and to be held back any more I truly appreciate the 29 years I truly appreciate the good times I just ask that you save deliver and set my family free to see them today having there own good time drinking and do there thing hurts I am passed living for the devil and living a life which doesn’t please you Father I want the best for my family my nieces my in laws my nieces there parents God please deal with them bless me and my family to  have a new transformation in there hearts and minds God thank you for blessing me to get things accomplished today have mercy on my soul and by your stripes I’m healed no sick no affliction nothing missing nothing broken God help me to be real and honest in my heart bless the word and anoint my pastor and all called leaders on tomorrow Lord send souls in to be healed deliver and made free and grant us all sweet sleep in Jesus name Amen

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