Evening Prayer 8 13 2018

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Father I sit and watch a program and the hearts of mankind is so wicked but for the grace of God it could be me so many things are happening in this world I don’t see how the world can function without the Lord but I know it’s your grace and mercy that is on each soul saved and unsaved Lord touch deliver save cast the devil out of the hearts and minds bind the works of satan he comes to steal kill and destroy you came that we would all have life and that more abundantly but it’s only in you outside of you there is misery hatred lies deceit sin sin and more sin Father forgive me and this world for the times I’ve rejected you I’m so glad I no longer do but help those who are truly struggling and the enemy is combatting them every step help them we will not stop praying for this world I will not stop lifting you up save and deliver the government so much corruption lies deceive envy strife and debate uncover the truth many truly don’t believe your in control and that nothing happens out of your sight Father your divine will shall be done mankind has made choices and they will live out the consequences mankind is selfish that’s why we have homelessness murders liars killings war and famine racism it’s because people have chosen evil over good they have decided that why bother regardless Jesus you are the solution to every problem of mankinds you are a Gentleman a Loving savior you don’t force anyone to do anything you could but you have given us all a choice to choose whom we will serve satan or you many have chosen satan money drinking party misery hatred lust once sin sin and more sin instead of a life of love hope and peace and justice father grant us all sweet sleep another chance and opportunity to turn over you to everything that’s against your will in Jesus name Amen

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