Evening Prayer 8 14 2018

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Dear heavenly Father thank you for the Love you show me God you have been good to me since birth you allowed me to have a life regardless of the functioning of my parents you had mercy on my parents and family Lord each time you keep allowing me to have another chance and opportunity to do better in my life I so desire that I would have been obedient to you from the beginning but as an adult I’ve learned many lessons and I’m doing my best to make you proud of me Lord I pray that you would continue to lead and guide me Father I know that things are in your hands my health and well being by your stripes I’m healed you have saved me filled me with the holyghost and you have anointed me to speak your word Lord I believe every prophecy over my life I will evangelist and spread the gospel Lord see me through every area of my life let nothing be missing and nothing be broken save and deliver souls in the earth let signs wonders and miracles follow me  and your people send souls into PRHM continue to use us for your glory grant us all sweet sleep in Jesus name Amen

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