Evening Prayer 8 15 2018

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GOD IT’S BEEN SAID WHEN ONE WRITES TYPES IN ALL CAPS THEY ARE SCREAMING I’M NOT SCREAMING AT YOU FATHER I AM SPEAKING LOUDLY URGENTLY Father please send souls send those needing deliverance salvation healing Lord send divine sent helpers Father I have nothing else to think about besides the prophecy and the promises you said PRHM stands on them Lord your faithful mankind is not faithful I refuse to be anymore swayed by flesh I’m walking in the spirit and living in the spirit I believe the spirit of God is life truth by your stripes Me and my Pastor are healed delivered and there is nothing missing and nothing broken I stand on every word I bind and cast out high blood pressure and every symptom by fire by force over my shepherd God bring leaders who will lift the undo heavy burden of carrying such a great mantel Lord support divine workers laborers grant my Pastor sweet sleep strength uplift up encourage her thank you for the divine favor in Jesus name Amen

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