Evening Prayer 8 17 2018

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Dear heavenly Father I thank you for sparing me this day Lord I didn’t understand when you said it’s a Shadow of death when I said that doctor say she saw shadows I understand and even more after the prophesy sent through Barbara Gaines this world cant handle the tragedies life issues right now and if they don’t become sensitive to your call and plan of salvation then they will not be able to handle your full force of power as the Sovereign Lord it angers me Father that this world complains about what the church isn’t doing and if your real and where you are yet no one even attempts to prove to themselves who you to themselves God I know you don’t have to prove yourself to your creation Lord I know that mankind needs to realize that good and evil will is a choice humanity choose to be wicked just as we all have been given a choice to serve God or not then we have must realize Father that there is a consequence for not living for the creator Lord humanity need to stop finding fault and point to themselves and there ungodly lives because we as humanity are at fault Lord please don’t allow me to be caught up with the cares of this world save our presidents our spiritual leaders need guidance Lord help the body of Christ to wake up so usher in a Great Spiritual Awakening Lord help the body of “Christ to pray for Pastors who are truly living holy and who holds to there integrity Lord please undergird our Pastors and the ministries which truly desiring to fulfill your will send divine helpers send strong leaders to assist Pastors which need strong support and true love and leaders who will be held accountable Lord I know that your so merciful and Loving give me more hope peace and joy and a great compassion for souls don’t allow me to check out spiritually I love you Father I thank you for the gift of life health and strength I thank you for another chance I just ask you to forgive me for shortcomings grant us all sweet sleep in Jesus name Amen

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