Evening Prayer 8 18 2018

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Dear heavenly Father I thank you for giving me strength to survive this day a lot of physical challenges but I’m grateful by your stripes I’m healed delivered and made free God go before my family this night save deliver touch every called shepherd lead and guide download revelation knowledge for your people send souls rushing into the house of deliverance cast the devil out of the hearts and minds of mankind defeat satan and every plot plan scheme protect our borders protect the president and his family protect the government officials who go against this world evil tasks Lord be with the Christian politicians help them not to surrender and succumb to the evilness in this world help the body of Christ to rise above sin and shame and help the body of Christ to stop the rejection of the truth from being spread do to them living weak powerless lives Lord forgive us for we have you living in our souls and we don’t  react or even act like we are saved Lord please stop the tactics of the devil which comes to steal kill and destroyed Lord arrest our minds and hearts to be everything you desire us to be and help us to truly present lives of holiness God grant us all sweet sleep comfort the bereaved help the homeless the single parents deliver the addicts and those who truly want a way out God order there steps be a forerunner in the day on tomorrow let your glory be revealed in Jesus name Amen

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