Evening Prayer 8 6 2018

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Dear heavenly Father thank you for making another way allowing me to see that my family do care Lord you see this situation it can’t continue dissolve and bring about resolution meet the financial needs see me through see my friend Ms. D through God you want a better life for her Lord deal with her family touch there minds and hearts don’t allow them to treat her bad it upset me Lord in times like these I wish I had a home to take friends and family in I wish I had a multimillion dollar idea that could benefit those I love comfort and bring peace and strength to my friend Lord all your people everywhere bless Ms. S she is being such a blessing to me Lord help me to be a blessing to her one day it was a blessing to see the girls ruthie and gussie I miss them so much Lord thank you for your Love and your mercy and your grace grant us all sweet sleep Lord bless biblestudy and my church on tomorrow bless me at work in Jesus name Amen

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