Evening Prayer 8 8 2018

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Father thank you for my place of refuge Lord I know your knocking on the hearts of mankind and I know that your desiring souls to be free from the snares of eternal damnation God you are sensitizing mankind these current events these mass killing suicide murder suicide nature is being impacted God we are in the last days souls are bent on doing them being about them they don’t fear you they don’t believe in hell they don’t believe that there is a consequence for living in this world against the will of God Father please continue to undergird my Pastor and all those leaders you have called to watch over souls help them to be fully persuaded don’t let them lean to the left or to the right don’t allow them to be impacted by money fame or fortune God don’t allow these leaders to be swayed and to sale a sugar coated message you son died for mankind but mankind is not willing to die for your son so let Judgement begin at the household of faith Lord let me stay aligned stay awake don’t allow me to sleep don’t allow me to drift off into sleep every prayer I have before you father answer according to your perfect will save deliver and set free my family friends associates souls in the earth deal with them don’t allow them to rest in sin trouble them draw them by any means necessary in Jesus mighty and precious name grant us all sweet sleep who walk with you in peace Amen

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