Evening Prayer 8 9 2018

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Father thank you for strengthen my heart and mind Lord I’m learning that I have a lot to work on before you return to receive your children Lord I know my name is written in the lambs book of life and I’m doing all I know how that which I don’t know how to do and that which dwells in me that should not be God deliver me from sin wickedness evil intents revenge lust anger meanness lying stealing every sin God there is so many name off Lord I want to be Holy and righteous I want to be the very best saint the greatest believer I want to be found faithful on this earth when you return I want to be found being a hearer and a doer of your word I want every word to be in my heart Lord I don’t want to be a consistent repenter always repenting I want to master sin in my life I want to be a living epistle be read of all men I want to be a vessel of honor Lord I know this isn’t the life you chose for me I make my own decision I’m living by it and I’ve learned from it use me to help mankind in the earth so they will not suffer and have to go through life issues going against your divine will I want to help people achieve levels of success in there walk with you salvation is real holiness is real and I want to be a vessel that you can get the glory and honor out of Lord save and deliver in the earth set the captives free bind the works of the enemy make known your deeds in the earth through souls spread the gospel through PRHM send in the helpers sent divine helpers set the bird cages free Lord heal the lunatic minds heal the sick and the afflicted souls in the earth by fire by force shut satan down cast him out of the hearts and minds give the people hearts to surrender to seek you put intercessors on high alert put the prophets and the leaders on high alert let Pastors do what you call them to do let Laity be the disciples your calling for in these last and evil days Lord save my family friends loved ones even my enemies don’t destroy them save there souls those who have lied and those who have made accusation’s against me Lord I forgive them those who said I mean them harm in the body of Christ you know I didn’t but I forgive them Lord those who made attempts to show me up before the church I forgive them Lord let nothing be missing and nothing broken in my life fruitfulness is my portion wealth and riches is my portion God I bind and cast out bareness let poverty lose my name address zip code birthday birth certificate and my blood line let sickness lose my name and my bloodline I’m healed by your stripes Lord every marriage you have joined together let no man destroy it by fire by force restore revive relationship marriages friendship working relationships businesses Lord let those in need locate our business website let orders start pouring in let people begin to support by faith and by there needs Lord let our name be transferred through the internet let folks locate my church let the YouTube messages run viral let the gospel that I believe that my pastor preacher run viral Lord let us get back on the radio let us have visitors on Sunday let souls who know you have called them to PRHM come running back to you and back into the alignment and fellowship of your church and Father please grant us all sweet sleep in Jesus name Amen

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