Morning Prayer 8 12 2018

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Father good morniwillng thank you for the gift of life health strength God another year of life 50 years young your Faithful I believe your report I rebuke death sickness and Affliction off my life I have to Evangelize there is much work to do places to travel Lord you divine will be done in my life through my life God let your Anointing be on my life fresh oil let every assignment be oily get the glory out of my life save deliver heal set the captives free in the earth in my family in Jesus name Amen

Father as I turn on the news I ask for comfort and strength of the family who loved one crashed in the airplane Lord help the people of the community help the employers to go through much better employment screening Lord it’s so much depression oppression and it’s very serious mental illness in the earth Father I can only look to you Father those who are protesting God let this be a peaceful nonviolent session with all the activist Lord let the security be on high alert bind the racism let a calm time be regardless of the issues comfort the heather’s mother who lost her child tragedy Lord save deliver and make free those who yet walk around this world thinking that hatred and discrimination and violence will be the answer in Jesus name Amen

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