Morning Prayer 8 15 2018

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Good morning Father thank you for the gift of life health and strength Lord you are faithful to allow me to see another day I feel good this morning and I know its because of the Love you see fit to make ways and open doors and deliver me as only you can Father thank you and I Love you Lord save deliver and make me free in every of my life increase my faith give me the power and the authority over every sin in my life keep my mind stayed on you so I can have your peace let me know be caught up with the cares of this world I know by your stripes I’m healed it’s not about the symptoms I confess my faith in your ability to heal and deliver and make me free in heart mind and soul nothing missing in my life nothing broken in my life help me to get about your business help me to thrive and move forward daily bind the works of satan who comes to steal kill and destroy Lord let be in my surrounding area comes for avon let orders come in over the internet Lord you see those that you have assigned to my life God bless and make ways and open doors release my sent helpers release the finances in my life one Job and nothing extra I don’t desire to work everyday Lord I want to work with 1 client I really like her and her family they are godly and I get to be in your presence during the work hours I get to do what I enjoy Lord make the transition for me order my steps give me favor in the earth Lord save deliver and set my family free go before me this week you know the possess I must take but I know it’s all in your hands Lord touch Aretha Franklin God you see and know all things I know your able to heal deliver and set her free you are able to do a miracle if it’s your will Father we thank you for her life draw her closer to you in this hour I send minister angels to her bedside and allow her to release into the lives of her family save those who don’t know you Lord save in the earth deliver and set free in the earth cast the devil out of the hearts and minds of the wicked let nothing be missing and nothing be broken in the lives of the believers bless and give divine favor to PRHM let families come out and let them receive prayer over there children over there households in Jesus name Amen

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