Morning Prayer 8 16 2018

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Dear heavenly Father it’s another day a gift of life you have given me thank you yet my heart is heavy a mother and her babies all dead God she demons living in there homes sharing there lives with wicked ungodly folks God be a hedge of protection around me and my family and my loved ones be a edge of protection around others who have mentally ill families members help them to see the signs the warning let these events make people on high alert spiritually God as I’ve heard you called Aretha Franklin home God I lift up her family I ask that souls would be saved delivered and made free by this lost draw them closer to you deal with and comfort them name by name every soul impacted Lord save in the earth it’s unfortunate but tragedy is the way you will have to deal with mankind they will not hear the Love and the Peace and the sacrifice you have given yourself for this world so many ask why and I’m asking why aren’t they hearing why are they yet rejecting the plan of salvation Lord forgive this world don’t destroy this world I know your soon to return and you given everyone a chance and a opportunity to live for you to repent to receive you in the truth of who you are you desire to prove yourself to them and until they be drawn the body of Christ must continue to pray and intercede and intercept the plans of the wicked one order our steps this day this hour in Jesus name Amen

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