Morning Prayer 8 5 2018

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Good morning Father thank you for the gift of life health and strength Lord be a forerunner in this day God I don’t feel the best today I’m walking by faith not by sight you see the tactics of the enemy he is a liar I believe the report of the Lord I have done my part in taking Holy Communion professing over my life the Blood of Jesus is working for me God destroy satan for fooling with your servant destroy his plots his plan his schemes let nothing be missing and nothing broken in my life Father I need your help I need your strength I need the Holyghost to ignite in my soul this day show me your glory this day watch over those who are attending worship touch those who have no intentions of going into your house convict and confound the souls in the earth Lord draw souls closer help me not to lean to my own understanding help me to acknowledge you in all my ways Father bless me as I exercise on the treadmill touch the M family touch the D family touch P family touch the F family touch each disciple of PRHM and bless my shepherd let your anointing be heavy send a divine word from on high bless Evangelist to minister in song let the disciples come in with praises on there lips and a worship in there heart send in visitors send in the seeker generation by fire by force Lord let souls needing you locate us 1018 Columbia Ave Fircrest WA 98466 Father bless and save and deliver in the earth those asking for prayer meet there needs those sick and afflicted let your divine will be done God thank you for giving your son Jesus and Jesus thank you for giving your life your love your mercy your grace is sufficient there is nothing to hard for you encamp around the saints soaks us all in your blood in Jesus name Amen

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