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Start off 2018 correct

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Get focused as never before.  We want the blessings we want the increase the multiplication the overflow. Are you yet willing and ready to suffer and go through. It’s going to cost us down the road. Yes many of us have already had a season of toiling laboring and pulling down strong holds casting out the devil destroy plots plan and scheme through strategic avenues God has given. We have took communion we have been connected to prophets across the Globe. We have sowed seeds great and small.  We have done directives given by Gods prophets. We have spoken into peoples lives. Many have been praying and seeking fasting disconnecting from the unimaginable.

With all the blessings headed our way. It’s only the beginning believers we must draw closer to the Lord.  We must make sure we are available and ready to be used by God. We must make sure we are not a hindrance. We must make sure our souls are blood washed, delivered, make free.  We must hear in the spirit clarity.  We must go through much yet still.  Don’t lose focus and get caught up in the overflow of blessings that’s coming.  This is a suffering way.  

It’s Kingdom building time we must labor in the vineyard.  We must win souls to Christ.  

It’s time to fulfill the Great Commission. Nothing else matters.

We must see the demonstration of the Power of the Holyghost through Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

Do what Jesus came to do it’s our duties to be like our Father. 

Send up a prayer for me. I’m determined.

—Mother L. Sanders—

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