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Studying the book of Proverbs 4

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January 5 2018

Hello Father God as I get to study your word I ask for divine insight wisdom knowledge understanding. You told us not to learn to our own understanding. Your word was inspired through the Holyghost as you breath on men and women to speak your words. Thank you Father for a heart and mind to read and study your word. As I share let others be blessed inspired to read more and to study in Jesus name Amen

Verse 1-13

God continues to tell the boys and young men that they are to be obedient to their father listen to them take the instructions so they could understand.  Then the Lord says he gives us good doctrine which is teaching.  Then it means that there is false bad doctrine in the world.  the Lord loves his children so much he keeps reminding us to get the wisdom get knowledge get understanding.  God wants his children to live a productive life and if we aren’t following Gods commandments we will not benefit.  Premature death is not apart of Gods plan so we as humanity must listen and obey Gods word.  Wisdom is so essential you must treat wisdom like a gift that it is.  You will never fail using Gods wisdom. God’s grace will be with a person who uses and relies on wisdom.  Long life will be the benefit of Gods wisdom over time.  No one and nothing can stop one who depends on the wisdom of God.  There will be no accidents nor incidents because you will be listening and understand.  God is your guide in and through divine wisdom.

Verse 14-27

The Lord always warns us to stay away from evil. So many people think the devil is a myth. He is real and we must not take him lightly he’s out for blood.  Satan plays for keeps.  When the Lord say to avoid evil he means it we as human beings think we can control this flesh we can’t not without the power of God surely in our lives.  Those who commit evil contemplate evil are always trying to get innocent souls to get on board.  Wickedness is such a demonic spirit that an unbeliever carry from day to day. It’s food and water for an evil person to perform ungodly mandates from the devil.  Evil living will keep a person from resting you don’t have peace you can’t function you can’t sleep.  Wicked living brings darkness no direction always falling into mischief. God yet don’t give up he continues to admonish his children to listen to wisdom and to follow his instructions.  God wants his word in our foresight.  We must breathe the word eat the word live the word digest the word.  The word must be in our hearts. Gods word is a divine health plan. Don’t allow deceit and wickedness to come out of our mouth. Realize where we are headed and maintain that God is doing all to keep our feet on the right path. We have to focus and keep our eyes on Jesus not detouring for nothing and no one.

–Mother L. Sanders–

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