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Studying the book of Proverbs 6

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January 17 2018

Hello Father God as I get to study your word I ask for divine insight wisdom knowledge understanding. You told us not to learn to our own understanding. Gods word was inspired through the Holyghost as he breath on men and women to speak his words. Thank you Father for a heart and mind to read and study your word. As I share let others be blessed inspired to read more and to study in Jesus name Amen

Verses 1-16

God lets us know when we say we will do something don’t rest until it’s done.  God expects us as well as people expect us to keep our word.  God requires us to be working not lazy and God will help us to not get caught up in a lifestyle which doesn’t benefit anyone main ourselves and the Kingdom. There are lessons we are to learn from others who have achieved success through work.  They don’t spend everything they prepare for a rainy day.

If we are all the time “twiddling our thumbs” then we will lose out.  We will be without in the time of need. We can’t blame God and society when God is giving us resources and help in the earth. The wicked knows how to communicate so they can get what they want. They will gain up on you and I and come into agreement with other wicked folks and bet to other wicked folks they can trick us. There are deceitful people in the world always lurking to do evil.  When judgement comes to a wicked person they will not even realize it before it’s to late. There are things which God hates and detest more than others. Let’s get into learning what our Lord hates which we should hate and detest as well.

Verses 17-35

The Lord lets us know that he a proud look. That’s a look of haughtiness your eyes has displays arrogance .  A lying tongue the Lord hates. Your tongue only speaks false words.  You can’t even be believable.  God hates hands that shed innocent blood. Those who murder and participate in ungodly rituals.  Those who offer abortions to Mothers. Those who offer assisted suicide. Those who commit family suicides. These are souls that shed innocent blood. God hates those who are always devising evil plans and schemes.  God hates those who are constantly thinking to do evil day in and day out.  God hates those who are running to evil.  Every time you turn around one is involved or they know about the latest wicked act.

Those who lips only speak falsely they harm the community.  These political leaders making promises for profit never intending to keep those promises. They say wicked speeches to cause the community to riot.  Causing the community to take evil matters into their own hands.  God hates these kinds of people. They are not bringing their families/communities together.  They divide in the church making false speeches to bring discord among the people.   God is saying for us to keep his commandments and don’t forget the things you’ve been taught.  Mothers have given instructions to her sons so they will not get caught up in ungodliness.

Let the godly wisdom of the word and the advise from the Mothers be in your heart on your mind.  Don’t allow it to slip away its to dangerous. The word of God will keep us and it will guide us and it will always be available if we would just hold on to it even in our sleep Gods word is working.

The word is a lamp and guide we don’t have to walk in darkness it’s light to our souls.  The word of God will correct us when needed. Just surrender and submit the Gods leading. Men you will be secure in God and no strange woman will be able to ensnare you.  The flirting and the demonic passions she possess will not lure you because you are being led by Gods word.  You will see the evil wicked woman before she comes. Her goal is to destroy you and if you’re in the word living the word applying the word she will not succeed. These strange woman you can’t get them a chance nor an opportunity. As sure as Jesus Christ died for you and I a strange woman will burn you and not even think twice.

Men stay out of others homes if your married or single.  Never allow yourself to go into a woman’s home.  People do whatever they have to do to get whatever they want. People are thieves and they will steal to get the results of whatever they want.  They will have to pay back everything seven times over if he is found. A man who get caught in adultery or fornication is unwise he has been warned. They have put their own soul at stake for pleasure. Not worth it. Those caught will be forever wounded forever disgrace you can’t live it down because of your disobedience to God. When a married man is Jealous he just might take it out on the perpetrators and he will not have mercy. The perpetrator may beg for mercy and offer anything except his life but in the end only God knows if one will be spared.

–Mother L. Sanders–


–Mother L. Sanders–

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