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Studying the book of Proverbs 7

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March 3 2018

Verses 1-15

We must take heed and follow after the Lords commandments his word. We must be obedient to God. We must keep Gods word in order to live from day to day. God wants us to wear the word of God. We must wear the word in our heart let the word of God be soaked into the flesh of our hearts. When we stay connected to God he gives us wisdom knowledge and understanding. Men must seriously heed the word of God our Father has left instructions on record to assist you in everyday living. There are many men on earth who will not heed the word of God. They just don’t have the common sense because of not listening and taking in Gods instructions.

God constantly warns men of strange women they mean no male boy or man any good. These women are set up by the devil to deceive and trick men. They dress the part act the part and definitely look the part. These strange women are never in one place for long. This strange women can’t be trusted she will throw herself at a man. The bible had hookers on the corner before mankind existed. There’s nothing new under the sun.

A strange woman will take a man against his own will before he even knows what has transpired. Once you’re in her grip the after outcome is to repent and get far away as possible. Brethren you must go after God like a madman. You will find the Lord and he will find you.

Verses 16-27

Strange women know how to prepare to deceive and trick a man into her bed. There is no way out once you’re in her grip. Perfume, dressing the part, preparing the food, drinks. A strange woman will make sure her husband is nowhere to be found. A strange woman will make sure the man feels invincible that nothing’s going to happen or go bad. A strange woman will make you let your guard down. You will be bait in a trap with no way out until it’s too late.

This is why the Lord beckons men to listen and apply the word of God so they won’t be tricked. Don’t allow a strange woman to penetrate your heart. It’s death both naturally and spiritually. In a strange woman’s eyes you’re only a victim. A strange woman has no problem killing you or having you killed. By going into her house knowing and unknowing she is a married hooker with only one goal.

–Mother L. Sanders–

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