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How do you feel about someone contacting you after so many years to tell you they forgive you? What would your response be? What should your response be? Today of all day I’m saying wow it’s been since the late 90’s and early 2000’s that I attended a church where I received a Facebook inbox message. Someone expressing I forgive you and your family. Being led by the holyghost I wanted to say “for what” but I didn’t say that.  I let that individual know I had no clue of what they were speaking about but I was glad that they contacted me to express that they forgive me.  I am more excited because God is faithful and merciful he didn’t allow them to die with hatred in their heart for me and my family.  I’m quite intrigued because I’ve been saying we need to get this mess out of us and stop playing church.  We need to get delivered and for an individual to wait this long is very serious. I know we were under a deliverance ministry. I have mixed emotions because I know there are so many souls just like the individual who contacted me sitting in a church Sunday in and Sunday out. Attending bible study yet shouting amen dancing around the church with hate in their heart.

Lord I pray that if anyone felt offended by me please let them come up out of the wood works.  I don’t have pride to the point of saying I understand I may not recall but I’m glad your soul is free and your no longer in bondage.  Yes please forgive me whether you contact me or not.  I’ve forgiven folks and have never reach out to them.  They know what they did to me and they do have to answer to God.  I’ve already cleared my heart mind and soul.  Hell is real and I refuse to allow anyone to be a stumbling block, hindrance at this point of my salvation.

Jesus forgives and he will redeem. I pray that many more souls get free and saved and sanctified and filled with the holyghost.  No more excuses and no more mess lingering on in your souls. We must forgive at every opportunity. Pure hands and pure hearts.

–Mother L. Sanders–

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