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Studying the book of Proverbs 8

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May 1, 2018

Verse 1-10

Listen as wisdom knowledge and understanding is calling out to us. We must acknowledge when the Lord is leading and guiding we pray it but we must adhere to the voice of wisdom. Wisdom will reach you at the top or in the valley but we must avail ourselves to hear. There will come a time when God will give us wisdom for the city for the government we must be ready to speak as the voice of wisdom speaks to us. We can’t be intimidated. The Lord will speak to all mankind. Every soul will be spoken to God will not leave not one individual out when we speak for him. God will speak things that are of truth honesty life hope peace it will be right on target for each individual. The Lord will never speak a lie because it’s wicked and it’s an abomination on his lips and on our lips if we speak lies. The wisdom of God is complete and it’s not a trickster there is nothing ungodly about the instruction of the Lord. The words of wisdom isn’t confusing the most simple individual can understand what the Lord is saying if you want the help from God he is ready to reveal to redeem. We must want wisdom knowledge and understanding rather then money. We must accept the knowledge of Christ.

Verse 11-20

We can’t put a value on wisdom it’s been compared to the greatest of jewels and not even rubies can be used as an comparison. Wisdom is about cautiousness. Then the time comes it knows how to seek knowledge to come up with witty ideas and inventions from the Lord. When we truly fear God meaning reverence the Lord we will hate wrong hate evil doing.  The fear of God brings about hate for arrogance and pride. The fear of God brings about a dislike for a person(s) who is bent on being perverse.

Carrying healthy wisdom in your soul brings insight discernment and power from the Holyghost.  Your strength will prevail when you have sound wisdom. The Lord gives Kings and princes and Judges to reign and it’s only through the Lord can they bring justice. The Lord is easy to find if one will seek him early. When we go after Christ we will have the riches and honor. We will have righteousness in our souls. The gifts that God gives us is better then money. The increase the yielding is better then the best silver on earth.  I must continue to walk in righteousness during the path of judgment.

Verse 21-36

When God knows you love him he will give his children an inheritance we will not want for anything. The Lord inquired concerning us all before even creating us we were already planned. When nothing existed the Lord spoke into being. Everything in the earth including the earth God developed created spoke into existence. Man had nothing to do with the water we drink, the mountains we see. The sky nor the clouds did man have anything to do with it. God was the architect for this world. So God is telling us you had nothing to do with my creation.

So it behooves us all to obey and follow instructions use the wisdom the Lord has given. You and I will be happy if we listen and apply the word of God daily to our lives. When we come into the knowledge of who God is we gain favor happiness Joy unspeakable. When you don’t search out Christ you harm yourself and bring death on yourself.

–Mother L. Sanders–

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